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hello lovelies!

this weekend, i went to the animal shelter in goleta to get some volunteer hours, and because i like working with animals. they are so adorable and i believe that they deserve all the help they can muster. in the back of the whole complex is a little yard of hutches called b.u.n.s., a clever acronym for “bunnies urgently needing shelter”. there are bunnies of all colors and sizes and personalities, along with a friendly assortment of guinea pigs and one rhode island red. thats a rooster.


this rooster’s name is cayenne, like the pepper. it suits him, and his rather fiery personality that can sometimes get him in trouble. but mostly he walks around between hutches and under people’s feet, simply begging for attention.


this is one of the head volunteers, karen. she is very friendly, and in my opinion, very generous in giving up her weekends to help the animals. she always has a new task for the volunteers, and delegates with a smile on her face. she knows all of the bunnies, the organization of hutches, all of the other volunteers, and basically everything i was lost about when i first started. people who help out quietly often deserve the most respect and admiration, such as karen and all of the other volunteers at buns.



above is a guinea pig and a bunny, both happily hiding in structures inside their hutches that were amazingly provided and payed for by donations made at the shelter. the animals all have their own places to sleep, each equipped with hay, toys, water, and food. how they all are able to have everything is the day to day care offered by the volunteers. when i first arrived, something that surprised me was when the head volunteer that day said that bunnies and other small caged animals needed daily care. all of that is provided via the generosity of our community.


at the end of the work day, everyone is given a handful of fresh greens to feed to the bunnies in their hutches. they always are grateful, and some even allow themselves to be held and petted.

i am so happy to give my time to something i am passionate about, and to help out in the process. also, i’m so grateful to the rest of the community who does any sort of volunteer work, especially for causes that cannot help themselves, like these sweet little bunnies.



hello lovelies!

in case anyone didn’t know, i live in santa barbara, california. it is stunningly beautiful here, and also very cozy to me, because it is where i was born, and where i grew up. i am constantly thinking about just how lucky i am to live here. one of the many things that i love about it is the local atmosphere and culture. there are a few places in town that embody the whole vibe of santa barbara to me, and one of them is just down the street from where i live.


this is a little coffee shop on the corner of ontare and state street called vices and spices. they sell espresso, teas, smoothies, pastries, and beautiful local artisan work, along with a few lovely items that are not made here in town.


to get here, i usually walk along foothill. it’s very pleasant, despite the many cars, to go out for a walk and a bit of fresh air.walking across a bridge on the street, there is a view of the ocean and the channel islands. walking down ontare there are little patches of shade, cute houses, and old tall trees lining the sidewalk. it is very peaceful. walking with another person is especially enjoyable, because it is wonderful to have a little company, and having an opportunity to share this experience is usually one that is taken for granted.


this week i walked with alegra, who also enjoys a good cup of coffee and a chance to relax and conversate with a friend.


vices and spices a very nice selection of drinks, but along with that, they also have a shelf full of candy, with everything from chocolates to licorice to gummy bears. this is the place to come if you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. the workers are friendly and amiable, even allowing me to snap a few photos of them while they worked.


the combination of good coffee, a bit of sweet, and a beautiful array of handmade objects at vices and spices creates an atmosphere of coziness, friendliness, and contentment that perfectly embodies the spirit of my incredible little town.


hello lovelies!

this is day one of my blog, and i just wanted to start off with the beginning of my inspiration, and the source of all of the support i have received in the sparking of photo creativity. i have always loved colors and images and truly appreciated all things i can see with my own eyes. then i discovered photography, and the rest is enjoyably predictable.


these are two very incredible people who also happen to be my very best friends, callie and alegra. it was from them that i was gifted my wonderful camera, and from them that i was given encouragement to use it. they also, very generously, offered themselves to be the source of the genesis of my skills by being in front of the camera. the fact that they are both exceptionally beautiful people only enhanced my photos and made them that much more stunning.


i have done many photo shoots right outside my house with the both of them. they have compliant dispositions and an excited attitude, which, when i ask them to pose for the picture, change their expression, or fix their hair, makes me feel like an artist. they are so ready, and so willing to help me hone my technique. they are dancers, so their bodies are built to bend to create awesome poses. the scenery in santa barbara, right outside my front door is so gorgeous, and so diverse that virtually anything could be made of it. and my developing ability allows me to take unique pictures that reflect my inspiration and unique perspective of the world, and hopefully provide inspiration for so many others.


i marvel at these images that each display color, emotion, feeling, and so much more that envelops all 5 senses. all of it i attribute to these people who told me i could, excited me, and believed that i could capture art with my camera. so i just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration, and that i’m going to take it and run with it. it is work, but i love it more than i can say.