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hello lovelies!

ok, this title may have been an intimidating one, but the content this week really isn’t. “blood” was only to describe a thematic color of the post: blood red. this weekend, on saturday, i saw a basket under the counter in my kitchen full of little oranges. an i mean full. overflowing. they were almost falling out. i decided to take a little stress off the basket so i picked one up and cut it open, expecting to find the normal bright orange divided into neat little segments, but instead, the fruit was dark red. i had discovered some blood oranges! i cut the first one and tasted it. it was delicious, if a little tart. then, almost cartoonishly with a little lightbulb above my head, i got an idea. i went under the sink and pulled out an old juicer, plugged it in, and grabbed a cutting board and a knife.


i sliced all of the oranges in half. each orange half, i pressed against the juicer and it looked like they were bleeding! but it was just the vibrant juice and pulp that was being pressed out of the rind. i juiced all of the oranges, and filled up the little pitcher with dark red orange juice, and the little dish with pulp and and seeds. i dumped all of the pulp into the trash, and poured the product of my efforts into several small cups. they were then distributed to my family, and i kept a little for myself. the color was so unusual that i took the glass outside to take another look at it, and i observed that there were no other noticeable differences besides the conspicuous color.


something that i found interesting though, was that my newly painted nails were a perfect match with the color of the fruit. which made for some prettily balanced pictures. it wasn’t a big adventure, or an exciting thing that happened, but it was a quiet way to spend my saturday afternoon that resulted in some delicious juice, and something to share with my family. please comment below to let me know how you like to spend your weekends, and have a wonderful day.



hello lovelies!

this week, i didn’t have much time to take pictures over the weekend, what, with my predictably busy lifestyle. but i did find a spare moment to look through my picture archive, and found a collection of photos from only a few weeks ago that just remind me of how much i love my camera, and the creativity that it sparks in me.


for these pictures, i decided to change it up a little, just because i was feeling artsy, and i put on a bright purple wig! the style and color are so different from what my own hair looks like, that i barely even recognize myself in these. i did this photo shoot with my friend, callie, who happens to be very blonde, making her hair almost yellow. the two tones contrast in a very aesthetically pleasing way (they are, after all, opposites on the color wheel), and make the pictures twice as interesting as they would have been with either of us individually.



blonde and purple, purple and blonde. whichever way you slice it, the resulting photos are both stunning and surprising. it was a beautifully sunny day, so we walked up the street of my house to do the shoot in a setting with less background distractions, while also taking a few pictures along the way. it was an interesting experience stepping in front of the camera, as i am notoriously camera shy, but i found that i really did like the feeling that went along with capturing beautiful images of myself.


the hair i wore was a little bob cut, and very vintage looking when i paired it with a denim jacket and polka dot skirt, and callie was wearing a messy side braid with a loose t shirt and ripped jeans that made her look relaxed and modern. these pictures, in every way, portray us as visual opposites, and this happens to hold true in our personalities as well. i myself, am more introverted and quietly creative, while callie is loud and friendly, and boldly artsy. all of these elements are mashed together when we collaborate, and instead of clashing, we complement each other in the best ways as photographers and friends. please comment below to let me know how you express yourself, and have a wonderful day.


hello lovelies!

this week i visited the santa barbara art museum with a few friends. these people i was with are very special to me, as i have known them since I was about 2 or 3 years old. we tend to do a few things together from time to time, as a mechanism for keeping the connections and friendship between us. the art museum is a place that i have not been to for a very long time. the last time i remember going was for a field trip in elementary school. as a result, almost everything i saw was new to me. there was a large room full of beautiful photography that was all muted colors and black and white pictures on walls with bright orange and blue paint that complemented each other very prettily. another room that i really enjoyed was the room named “geometry of the absurd”, featuring textured geometrical art pieces with bright day-glo this picture, i was particularly captivated by the compliment of my friend’s pink hair.


then finally there was a children’s room that was full of chalks and pens, and most importantly, a large statue of soft clay that was made for tiny hands to mold.


after the visit to the museum, my friends and i were hungry, so we walked a few blocks down state street to a pretty little bakery called lilac patisserie. this bakery is dedicated to gluten free, and they even have a few vegan items! normally, i don’t like gluten free pastries. they always feel so dense to me. but this place makes them so well i can’t even tell the difference between their desserts and wheat ones. even the vegan cupcakes are absolutely amazing, tasting like they contain gluten, dairy and eggs while catering to the many vegans in santa barbara unlike any i’ve seen before.


this is what i ordered: a chocolate fudge yellow cake with sea salt caramel. it is so rich that i took 3 bites, and i was full… for the rest of the day! going with friends was a fun experience because of the opportunities to share and swap, that let us get a taste of everyone’s treats. i wanted to give special mention to the frosting they make here that to me, is the very definition of decadence. with beautiful organic designs of flowers and leaves, they decorate the tops of their delightful cakes with colorful buttercream that melts in your mouth.


i loved this afternoon activity in downtown santa barbara with the visit to the art museum and the drop-in at the small cafe for a sweet treat, and would recommend it to anyone who happens to be in town. please comment below with your favorite weekend activities, and have a beautiful day.


hello lovelies!

i have mentioned before that i live in santa barbara, california, and just how lucky i am that i was born and raised here. that was only confirmed when i visited the beach last week to do a little photography with some friends. it is incredibly beautiful here, with the combination of the water and mountains and the close-by channel islands making up a very diverse landscape. My personal favorite however, is the beach. the sand, the breeze, the salty ocean, the towering cliffs, the marine life, and the bright sun are all reasons why i love the beach. I went with two friends, callie and alegra, during the evening.



we decided to go to the mesa lane steps, which is known locally as thousand steps along with another beach close by. now, it’s definitely called a thousand steps for a reason; the staircase was long and steep, but with a great height above the beach to get some pretty shots of the whole scene. the sun was setting, and the sky was orange and pink, and the ocean reflected the colors and clouds to make a very picturesque scene. we walked along the sand and took pictures as the sun was setting of the scenery and each other, taking advantage of the sunset and the little wind.


the cliffs had a very gentle sloping to them that allowed us to climb them and take pictures from there to get a nice vantage point to take pictures from. there were other people walking along the beach with dogs, and cameras of their own, which just illuminates for me how many people have the ability to appreciate the landscape. both of my friends brought their own cameras and we each took our own pictures that we saved, and that i know we will all continuously look at to remind us of the beauty of our hometown.


after all of the running and climbing that we did on the beach, we walked back up the thousand steps staircase (actually it was only about 200) to the street and proceeded to walk to cliff drive for a bite to eat. we went to ichiban, a japanese restaurant on the mesa. the whole while i kept my eyes on the sky, watching the colors fade and the stars appear in the darkening air, and thanking every single one of them that i live in this beautiful place.