blood and oranges


hello lovelies!

ok, this title may have been an intimidating one, but the content this week really isn’t. “blood” was only to describe a thematic color of the post: blood red. this weekend, on saturday, i saw a basket under the counter in my kitchen full of little oranges. an i mean full. overflowing. they were almost falling out. i decided to take a little stress off the basket so i picked one up and cut it open, expecting to find the normal bright orange divided into neat little segments, but instead, the fruit was dark red. i had discovered some blood oranges! i cut the first one and tasted it. it was delicious, if a little tart. then, almost cartoonishly with a little lightbulb above my head, i got an idea. i went under the sink and pulled out an old juicer, plugged it in, and grabbed a cutting board and a knife.


i sliced all of the oranges in half. each orange half, i pressed against the juicer and it looked like they were bleeding! but it was just the vibrant juice and pulp that was being pressed out of the rind. i juiced all of the oranges, and filled up the little pitcher with dark red orange juice, and the little dish with pulp and and seeds. i dumped all of the pulp into the trash, and poured the product of my efforts into several small cups. they were then distributed to my family, and i kept a little for myself. the color was so unusual that i took the glass outside to take another look at it, and i observed that there were no other noticeable differences besides the conspicuous color.


something that i found interesting though, was that my newly painted nails were a perfect match with the color of the fruit. which made for some prettily balanced pictures. it wasn’t a big adventure, or an exciting thing that happened, but it was a quiet way to spend my saturday afternoon that resulted in some delicious juice, and something to share with my family. please comment below to let me know how you like to spend your weekends, and have a wonderful day.

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