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hello lovelies!

this week i am still studying, but i took a small break on sunday morning to go out to brunch at jeannines, a little bakery/restaurant that has three local locations. there is one in montecito, one on upper state street near san roque, and one in downtown santa barbara on figueroa street. i wen t to the one downtown, because it is the closest one that serves breakfast and lunch. i went with my mother (she very nicely offered to buy me breakfast) and we got an array of delicious foods. she got the kale salad with chicken, and I got a side of breakfast potatoes and bacon with a lemon boysenberry scone, and a very cute latte that i took a picture of because i wanted to preserve it.


we were sitting outside, and there was live music by a person who was playing old, familiar songs on his acoustic guitar, but putting new twists on them. it was just amazing to listen to.  there were conversations bubbling around us, the sun was shining, and a few people brought their dogs, which added the nice atmosphere of playfulness. they were all adorable. i mean, they’re dogs! the staff were so friendly fro a sunday morning too. if i was working, serving other people, i think i would be grumpy, no matter how much i was getting paid. i appreciate friendly people a lot, so it was really nice to have friendly people around me all morning.


looking at the plate that they served our food on, there was a pretty little seal from the restaurant logo, and it said, “25 years”. i think it’s pretty incredible that a place like this has existed for so long. i can see it, starting out small and gradually building business by word of mouth and their reputation for amazing food, to become what it is today. and they really do have incredible food. from the huge portions of  steaming buttermilk pancakes with whipped greek yogurt, to the tiny little cups of fresh fruit, they make sure that everything is as yummy as it can be. i love jeannines as a breakfast or lunch place, and i go there often. but comment  below with any suggestions you may have regarding a new little eatery that i should check out, and have an incredible day.



hello lovelies!

this week i have ap testing review, so i wasn’t able to go out and take pictures. i decided to use these pictures from a while back, when my friend callie still had long hair and i wasn’t pulling mine out over testing season. 😦 the reason i haven’t posted these pictures before was because i usually had something more interesting to post about, (and hopefully next week i will!!) but for now, this is just fine.

it was a simple photo shoot that ended with a few pretty cool shots, especially because it was sunset and the hair and makeup we did was perfect. the very first picture on the post is a shot of my hand with a simple sharpie drawing and long black acrylic nails. i think the main reason why it appears so aesthetically pleasing is because the colors appear to be tinted slightly pink from the sinking sun, and the trees in the background reflect to create unique shapes and shadows in the background.


the above picture is just of me and some flowers. i thought this was interesting because the flowers, in the foreground, are what the lens is focused on, while i’m in the background all blurry and unfocused. the plants also add a nice touch to the hard edges of my dark eyeliner, and cover my mouth in a very purposeful way. this is definitely very artsy and different.


this picture is of callie with long fishtails up against a white curtain that allows her to be the focus, in contrast to the previous image. she has long hair, because, like i said, this is from a while back. she cut it pretty short recently! with her flannel and plaits, she looks very western chic.

this sort of started out as a filler post to keep everyone updated on what’s going on, but it ended up as sort of an assessment of my own photography skills and what appears to create the best pictures. aesthetics, background, and real life looks of photograph subjects are all very important factors when it comes to taking pictures. please comment below if you have any more observations on my pictures (i love feedback) and have an incredible day!


hello lovelies!

this week i have to admit i am stuck cramming for some really big tests i have coming up, so i didn’t quite have the time for one of my little adventures. fortunately, i have one from a little while back that i didn’t post because i was doing a few more exciting things at the time. this is just as legitimate of a story though, if not all that exciting. oops.

this is mostly about me discovering my camera, and what it can do in different lightings. i was with alegra, my bestest friend, who helped me out a little. i’ve already taken pictures in broad daylight, that is, in the bright sun. i’ve also already taken pictures on cloudy days, which are notoriously known to have the best lighting, because the brightness from the sun is cut a little by the clouds, and spread evenly across the frame. it helps to avoid a glare, or unnecessary shadows and bright areas. but before this i hadn’t done any at night.


i tried a few inside only relying on the artificial light in my bedroom. it turned the whole picture a sort of yellow-orange color, which is not always flattering, but it gives the picture a feeling of warmth that just isn’t there with cloudy day images.


then we went outside to try a few in the dark. naturally, the first few we snapped were completely black. there was no light for the lens to absorb. before that moment i had hesitated to use the flash, because in the daylight, it can cause strange lighting situations that almost never turn out well. but seeing as it was the only thing we hadn’t tried, we turned it onto the night mode and took a few test shots. they were actually really cool! the flash focused on the immediate foreground and nothing else, making for a very interesting, very specific type of image. we took a few more pictures to experiment with what we had discovered, all of them turning out nicer than i had expected.

this was a simple instance of trying something new, just because i hadn’t done it before, but i think the idea of this can be transferred to many other things. i would like to give a few things a chance now that i haven’t bothered to before, and i hope others will too. please comment below with your thoughts, and any ideas for something new to try. have a beautiful day.


hello lovelies!

this week’s post is going to be a little bit of an adorably-heartwarming, make-you-smile kind of post, so prepare yourselves. my family on my father’s side, that is, his brother, his sister-in-law, and their children, were visiting this weekend. their children are very little, one is three, and the other is a year and a half. and to think that i haven’t seen them for over a year. they changed so much in that time. so i was pretty excited to get to spend a whole weekend with them. we went to the zoo, and out to tea, we went exploring in downtown santa barbara, and we went for a walk to the park.



above are my cousins, first luke, and then eliana. they are still little, but i have so much fun playing and running around with them. when we went to the park, eliana, or “ellie” (her very cute nickname) rode a tricycle. it’s the first picture on the post. on the way home though, she refused to ride it, so her father carried it several blocks while i carried her. three year olds are much heavier than i expected! but i cherished it, because the next time i see her, she may be too old to be carried. luke is still a baby, just beginning to talk and run. he can walk just fine, and he babbles quite a bit of nonsense, but his words are slowly coming in, and sometimes i have to jog to catch up with him. he likes to go on the slide by himself, and he is very snuggly. if you pick him up, he holds on to your shoulder and lies his head on your chest, sitting solidly and comfy in your arms.


when we went to tea, ellie ordered a huge slice of cake with the grudging consent from her mother, and afterwards we went exploring downtown. in la arcada, there are some bronze dolphin statues that i remembered playing on as a kid, and ellie did the same thing. we walked around and she was fascinated by the sculptures, the colorful store windows, and the water features in the plaza. it was a joy to watch her run around and laugh.


we had a wonderful time together, and i miss them now that they’re gone, but times like these really help me to appreciate love and family, and to realize just how important they are. please comment below with your thoughts, and have an amazing day.