photography and fabrication


hello lovelies!

this week i have to admit i am stuck cramming for some really big tests i have coming up, so i didn’t quite have the time for one of my little adventures. fortunately, i have one from a little while back that i didn’t post because i was doing a few more exciting things at the time. this is just as legitimate of a story though, if not all that exciting. oops.

this is mostly about me discovering my camera, and what it can do in different lightings. i was with alegra, my bestest friend, who helped me out a little. i’ve already taken pictures in broad daylight, that is, in the bright sun. i’ve also already taken pictures on cloudy days, which are notoriously known to have the best lighting, because the brightness from the sun is cut a little by the clouds, and spread evenly across the frame. it helps to avoid a glare, or unnecessary shadows and bright areas. but before this i hadn’t done any at night.


i tried a few inside only relying on the artificial light in my bedroom. it turned the whole picture a sort of yellow-orange color, which is not always flattering, but it gives the picture a feeling of warmth that just isn’t there with cloudy day images.


then we went outside to try a few in the dark. naturally, the first few we snapped were completely black. there was no light for the lens to absorb. before that moment i had hesitated to use the flash, because in the daylight, it can cause strange lighting situations that almost never turn out well. but seeing as it was the only thing we hadn’t tried, we turned it onto the night mode and took a few test shots. they were actually really cool! the flash focused on the immediate foreground and nothing else, making for a very interesting, very specific type of image. we took a few more pictures to experiment with what we had discovered, all of them turning out nicer than i had expected.

this was a simple instance of trying something new, just because i hadn’t done it before, but i think the idea of this can be transferred to many other things. i would like to give a few things a chance now that i haven’t bothered to before, and i hope others will too. please comment below with your thoughts, and any ideas for something new to try. have a beautiful day.


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