eyeliner and acrylics


hello lovelies!

this week i have ap testing review, so i wasn’t able to go out and take pictures. i decided to use these pictures from a while back, when my friend callie still had long hair and i wasn’t pulling mine out over testing season. 😦 the reason i haven’t posted these pictures before was because i usually had something more interesting to post about, (and hopefully next week i will!!) but for now, this is just fine.

it was a simple photo shoot that ended with a few pretty cool shots, especially because it was sunset and the hair and makeup we did was perfect. the very first picture on the post is a shot of my hand with a simple sharpie drawing and long black acrylic nails. i think the main reason why it appears so aesthetically pleasing is because the colors appear to be tinted slightly pink from the sinking sun, and the trees in the background reflect to create unique shapes and shadows in the background.


the above picture is just of me and some flowers. i thought this was interesting because the flowers, in the foreground, are what the lens is focused on, while i’m in the background all blurry and unfocused. the plants also add a nice touch to the hard edges of my dark eyeliner, and cover my mouth in a very purposeful way. this is definitely very artsy and different.


this picture is of callie with long fishtails up against a white curtain that allows her to be the focus, in contrast to the previous image. she has long hair, because, like i said, this is from a while back. she cut it pretty short recently! with her flannel and plaits, she looks very western chic.

this sort of started out as a filler post to keep everyone updated on what’s going on, but it ended up as sort of an assessment of my own photography skills and what appears to create the best pictures. aesthetics, background, and real life looks of photograph subjects are all very important factors when it comes to taking pictures. please comment below if you have any more observations on my pictures (i love feedback) and have an incredible day!


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