hello lovelies!

this week i am still studying, but i took a small break on sunday morning to go out to brunch at jeannines, a little bakery/restaurant that has three local locations. there is one in montecito, one on upper state street near san roque, and one in downtown santa barbara on figueroa street. i wen t to the one downtown, because it is the closest one that serves breakfast and lunch. i went with my mother (she very nicely offered to buy me breakfast) and we got an array of delicious foods. she got the kale salad with chicken, and I got a side of breakfast potatoes and bacon with a lemon boysenberry scone, and a very cute latte that i took a picture of because i wanted to preserve it.


we were sitting outside, and there was live music by a person who was playing old, familiar songs on his acoustic guitar, but putting new twists on them. it was just amazing to listen to.  there were conversations bubbling around us, the sun was shining, and a few people brought their dogs, which added the nice atmosphere of playfulness. they were all adorable. i mean, they’re dogs! the staff were so friendly fro a sunday morning too. if i was working, serving other people, i think i would be grumpy, no matter how much i was getting paid. i appreciate friendly people a lot, so it was really nice to have friendly people around me all morning.


looking at the plate that they served our food on, there was a pretty little seal from the restaurant logo, and it said, “25 years”. i think it’s pretty incredible that a place like this has existed for so long. i can see it, starting out small and gradually building business by word of mouth and their reputation for amazing food, to become what it is today. and they really do have incredible food. from the huge portions of  steaming buttermilk pancakes with whipped greek yogurt, to the tiny little cups of fresh fruit, they make sure that everything is as yummy as it can be. i love jeannines as a breakfast or lunch place, and i go there often. but comment  below with any suggestions you may have regarding a new little eatery that i should check out, and have an incredible day.



hello lovelies!

in case anyone didn’t know, i live in santa barbara, california. it is stunningly beautiful here, and also very cozy to me, because it is where i was born, and where i grew up. i am constantly thinking about just how lucky i am to live here. one of the many things that i love about it is the local atmosphere and culture. there are a few places in town that embody the whole vibe of santa barbara to me, and one of them is just down the street from where i live.


this is a little coffee shop on the corner of ontare and state street called vices and spices. they sell espresso, teas, smoothies, pastries, and beautiful local artisan work, along with a few lovely items that are not made here in town.


to get here, i usually walk along foothill. it’s very pleasant, despite the many cars, to go out for a walk and a bit of fresh air.walking across a bridge on the street, there is a view of the ocean and the channel islands. walking down ontare there are little patches of shade, cute houses, and old tall trees lining the sidewalk. it is very peaceful. walking with another person is especially enjoyable, because it is wonderful to have a little company, and having an opportunity to share this experience is usually one that is taken for granted.


this week i walked with alegra, who also enjoys a good cup of coffee and a chance to relax and conversate with a friend.


vices and spices a very nice selection of drinks, but along with that, they also have a shelf full of candy, with everything from chocolates to licorice to gummy bears. this is the place to come if you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. the workers are friendly and amiable, even allowing me to snap a few photos of them while they worked.


the combination of good coffee, a bit of sweet, and a beautiful array of handmade objects at vices and spices creates an atmosphere of coziness, friendliness, and contentment that perfectly embodies the spirit of my incredible little town.